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Jean Ann Douglass headshot photograph: Kent Meiste

Photo by Kent Meister

Likes-Literary Fiction
User Friendly-Business/Science
Good Chemistry-Science
In a Day's Work-Social & Political
Housewife Chronicles-Women's Fiction

What they're saying in Audiofile Magazine


"Narrator Jean Ann Douglass captures ups and downs and contradictions of contemporary life in these short stories by Bynum. Douglass excels in conveying the self-deprecating, guilt-ridden interior monologues of the suburban moms who are the main characters in many of these narratives. Douglass's tone and pitch are easy on the ears, so the stories whiz by in segments of around 30 minutes. Listeners will laugh out loud at Douglass's ability to capture characters' reactions to mundane phenomena like the price of souvenirs at a school fair and the agony of decision making behind tween Instagram posts."

(For Likes

"Jean Ann Douglass offers a first-rate narration of this work. Her tone varies with the content from exasperation with an entrenched male hierarchy to exultation at women finally securing a place among physicians. She uses pauses effectively and without affectation to add drama and to let listeners catch up with the content. The author relies extensively on letters and journals of the women involved, and Douglass enlivens those passages." 

(for Women in White Coats)

"Serial retail entrepreneur Christiane Lemieux is a highly intelligent writer, so she needed someone equally intelligent to narrate this exceptional guide to how high-tech consumer brands and retailers interact with customers today. Jean Ann Douglass deftly manages the delicate balance between sounding totally in command of her content and friendly enough to soften the hard-hitting realities this audio delivers. Her comfortable phrasing and mid-range vocal pitch sound lilting but confident, assertive but humble, and respectful but not solicitous toward her listeners."

(For Frictionless)

"Douglass's steady narration avoids strong emphasis, which helps listeners sit with the rawness of the experiences shared. While Yeung's identification of organizations looking to help is encouraging, Douglass's narration will stay with listeners long after they finish the audiobook."

(For In a Day's Work)

Audiobook Narration

Jean Ann is a multi-award-winning audiobook narrator, and has narrated titles for Penguin Random House, Macmillan Audio, HarperAudio, Audible Studios, Dreamscape, Harlequin Audio, and Bee Audio.
Jean Ann's narration of LIKES by Sarah Shun-lien Bynum was named one of the Top Ten Audiobooks of 2020 by Slate:
"Douglass’ narration, intimate and bemused and every so often curling up with wryness at the end of a sentence, is a perfect match for Shun-lien Bynum’s delicate delights."

A full list of titles available on Audible can be found here

For questions and bookings, contact Jean Ann at

Home Studio specs:

Studiobricks One Plus VO Edition

Neumann TLM103

Audient iD4


TwistedWave & Reaper (w/ punch and roll)

Accents: General American, New York, Rhode Island, California, British

For Jean Ann's other voice over work, click here.

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What they're saying on Audible:

"I thought it was well narrated by Jean Ann Douglass as well. This was my first book read by her, but hopefully not the last."

"Picking Jean Ann Douglass to narrate the book was the last nail to turn it into an awesome audiobook "

"Jean Ann Douglass’ narration is amazing I really connect and the story comes to life. Listening to the narration was like watching a scene unfold in front of your eyes. Douglass’ provided strong character interpretations she delivers spot-on tones to matches what’s happening in the scene."

"Jean Ann Douglas narrated, and does so with warm clarity and panache, further giving life to the protagonists with her separate voicings for each at the same time as giving the ongoing text full understanding and emotion. An excellent performance"

"The narration is excellent once again, the character voices are well done and work for both genders, the deliveries tone always matches what's happening in the story."

"This is the first book I’ve listened to by this narrator (Jean Ann Douglass) and I would listen to another. I liked her character voices and her interpretation of their personalities. She does well narrating the story so it’s more like listening to the events happening instead of having a story read to you."

"I think the narrator deserves a special mention as I think that she does a great job and I enjoyed listening to her." 

"The narration was done well and I would listen to more of her work in the future without hesitation."

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